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Food & Drink



Our wedding will be catered by the local restuarant 'Les Tisons' and we can confirm the menu as follows;

To Start

French Pea Soup


Fillet of Beef with Potato Gratin and Veg


Crème Brûlée

If you have any dietary requirements, please confirm this when filling out your RSVP!

We will also providing some late dinner options which will be more grab and go style - essential fuel for the dance floor! 


Beer and a choice of Wine (and possibly some Tequila Rose) will be provided for the whole night. There is no corkage at our venue so we are fortunate to be able to bring all of our own drink. This means we supply the venue with the Alcohol rather than there being an official bar, however, there will still be a 'bar' at the venue and waiters serving the drink etc. Therefore, if you would prefer to drink something other than Beer/Wine then please feel free to bring your chosen drink along!

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