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Travel Options

As we are getting Married in Northern France, the best options to get to the venue is to drive either on the Ferry or Eurotunnel. We recommend car sharing with other guests to keep the costs down. Of course please feel free to arrange your own car share but as most guests will be coming from the Ashford area we would be happy to put people in touch if required! Please see further detail below;

Eurotunnel: The quickest way but a tad more expensive. The tunnel takes around 30 minutes but prices are already released for the weekend of our wedding so the slots are getting booked up - if you would prefer to use the Eurotunnel we would recommend booking asap as the price is likely to continue to increase. The good news with Eurotunnel however is that you can use clubcard vouchers! By the time you will read this we imagine Tesco will have implemented the change from treble your points to double, but you will still get £2 of Eurotunnel vouchers for every £1 of clubcard. 

Ferry: A slightly more cost effective option and prices are still currently not released yet which is good. We have subscribed to be notified of when they are released so for those that have RSVP'd, once we receive confirmation the dates can be booked on the Ferry we will share this with you as well. The Ferry takes a little longer, around 1.5 hours, but you are able to leave your car and grab a coffee and relax in the cafe area. 

There is potentially going to be a third travel option, Lydd airport will soon be running commercial flights again to Le Touquet. The prices are not yet released for this and are due to start from the summer of 2023. Driving will likely be easier and quicker but flying to Le Touquet and hiring a car could be an option. Alternatively the train from Le Touquet to Abbeville is under 1 hour and then it's a 15 minute taxi - again another option so once we know the flight prices we will update/share with you. 

Any questions regarding travel at all please let one of us know and we would be happy to help!

Taxi Station
Taxi Station


There is parking on site however if you would like to book a taxi from the venue, please see some contact details below. With regards to what time to book the taxi back to your hotel, we do not have a curfew for the wedding so there is no set end time. I would recommend booking your taxi any time between midnight and 2am. 

Abbeville Taxi: +33 6 64 54 79 99

Whatsapp link

Amiens Taxi: Click here for website link

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